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Conference Proceedings

  1. Al-Jaber M., Casale C., Bakhamis A.A., Orie N.N., Lei S., El-Rayess M., Al-Sayrafi M., Mohamed-Ali V. (2013). Hyperinsulinaemia and hyperleptinaemia are BMI independent features of morbid obesity in a Qatari, compared to a Caucasian population: Effect of surgical weight loss. Endocrinology
  2. Nelson Ndubuisi Orie, Aysha Ahmad Bakhamis, Mashael Al-Jaber, Mohamed Al Emadi, Samer Rida, Mohammed Al-Sayrafi, Vidya Mohamed-Ali (2013). Insulin resistance as the major determinant of endothelial dysfunction in morbidily obese Qataris. Endocrinology
  3. Aysha Ahmad Bakhamis, Nelson Ndubuisi Orie, Mashael Aljaber, Mohamed Al Emadi, Samer Rida, Mohammed Al-Sayrafi, Vidya Mohamed-Ali (2013). Insulin resistance alters noradrenergic sensitivity of omental vessels from morbidly obese Qataris. Endocrinology
  4. Sayed Kamel Goda, Fatma Rashidy, Mervat El Sayed, Fawzy Attaby, Mohammed Al- Sayrafi, Vidya Mohamed-Ali (2013). Isolation and Structural Determination of Naturally Occurring and Synthetic Inhibitors for Starch Degrading Enzymes: An effect approach for the control of diabetes mellitus and obesity. Endocrinology
  5. Mohamed Elrayess, Mashael Aljaber, Aysha Ahmad Bakhamis, Nelson Ndubuisi Orie, Mohammed Al-Sayrafi, Vidya Mohamed-Ali (2013). Characterization of insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity in a Qatari population. Endocrinology
  6. Lei Shen, Nelson Ndubuisi Orie , Carlo Casale , Nephtali Marina , Mick Dashwood , Pratik Sufi , Dugal Heath , Rosaire Gray , Vidya Mohamed-Ali (2013). Depot and disease specific differences in adipose noradrenaline mediated vascular tone and arteriolar structure. Endocrinology
  7. Carlo Casale, Shen Lei, Nephtali Marina, Rosaire Gray, Pratik Sufi, Vidya Mohamed-Ali (2013). Consequences of elevated systemic neuropeptide Y and noradrenaline levels to peripheral microvessel vasoconstriction and brain stem astrocytes. Endocrinology
  8. Alrasheid N., Gray R., Pratik Sufi, Elizabeth Atherton, Mohamed-Ali V (2013). Chronically elevated basal GLP-1 mediates persistent nausea symptoms following weight reduction surgery. Endocrinology


Peer-reviewed journals – 2010-current

Vidya Mohamed-Ali

  1. Farooq A, Knez W, Knez K, Al-Noaimi A, Grantham J, Mohamed-Ali V.  (2013). Gender differences in fat distribution and inflammatory markers among Arabs. Mediators of Inflammation. doi: 10.1155/2013/497324.
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Sayed Goda

  1. Goda SK, Elsayed IE, Khodair TA, El-Sayed W, Mohamed ME. Screening for and isolation and identification of malathion-degrading bacteria: cloning and sequencing a gene that potentially encodes the malathion-degrading enzyme, carboxylestrase in soil bacteria. Biodegradation. 2010 ;21:903-13.
  2. Goda SK, Abu Aqel YW, Al-Aswad MR, Rashedy FA, Mohamed AS. Production of synthetic methionine-free and synthetic methionine-limited alpha casein: protein foodstuff for patients with homocystinuria due to cystathionine beta-synthase deficiency. Protein J. 2010 ;29:44-9.

Nelson Orie

  1. Orie NN, Ledwozyw A, Williams DJ, Whittle BJ, Clapp LH. Differential actions of the prostacyclin analogues treprostinil and iloprost and the selexipag metabolite, MRE-269 (ACT-333679) in rat small pulmonary arteries and veins. Prostaglandins and Other Lipid Mediators (Accepted. 2013)
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  4. Orie NN, Clapp LH. Role of prostanoid IP and EP receptors in mediating vasorelaxant responses to PGI2 analogues in rat tail artery: Evidence for Gi/o modulation via EP3 receptors. Eur J Pharmacol. 2011 Mar 11;654(3):258-65.