ADLQ Annual Symposium

Every year ADLQ holds a symposium of a different topic where expertise and knowledge can be exchanged in an effective manner.

This year, we had our Third Annual Symposium in collaboration with the Olympics and Sport Museum titled “The History of Doping and Anti-Doping” . It was held in the Auditorium of the Museum of Islamic Arts in May 2013 . In a unique combination, the symposium presented doping from a historical perspective by the best speakers of the field locally and internationally. From Qatar, Dr. Mohammad Ghanim Al Maadheed, Chairman of ADLQ Board of Trustees, opened up the symposium talking about “ Pioneer of Anti-Doping in the Gulf” . And from abroad, the symposium hosted Dr. Theodore Friedmann from WADA (The World Anti-Doping Agency), Professor Arne Ljungqvist from the International Olympic Committee and Mr. Richard Pound, founder of WADA and first president of IOC. In addition to an impressive group of scientists from all over the world.

The year before, we had a more scientific topics to discuss under the “Biomedical and Translational Symposium Research” which was held on the in May 2012.

With ADLQ belief in the importance of research, it was only natural for ADLQ to host a symposium on research in general and in Biomedical and Translational Research in particular.

The two days event had 19 speakers of different topics from all over the world. It had been a rich environment of people’s theories, hard work and expertise. The presentations were divided under three sessions and many institutions with medical and educational background here in Qatar like: Qatar Foundation, Weil Cornell, Sidra, Qatar University and Shafallah. In addition to organisations from outside Qatar like: the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA and other scientific institutions and laboratories. Which brought in a variety of subjects and speakers.

This series of Symposiums have started back in 2011 with the first symposium “ Advancing Science in the fight Against Doping” which was organized with Aspetar back in May 2011. It was held in Aspetar and had local and international contribution of speakers.