Education & Research Office

The Education and Research Office, is one of the foundation stones for further progression in research in the ADLQ. From forming  an  Internal  Research  and  Education  Committee (IREC) to the establishing of  a  multi-disciplinary Institutional Review  Board committee (IRB); the E & RO core duty is to complement the research performance by streamlining , guiding and supporting the in house group of Qatari and multi-national scientists. The RO is fully functional now with a set of forms and guidelines completely designed and drafted internally, adding to the credibility of ADLQ.

It has been one of the fundamental ground works initiated by the E &RO to establish a review procedure before any research project is undertaken in order to ensure that proposed projects have the necessary infrastructure within ADLQ (facilities and personnel) and that it is in line with the research mandate, goals and objectives of ADLQ.
All research applications are initially vetted before seeking the sanction of the authorized committee (IREC), after which they are monitored throughout the course of implementation.

Furthermore the in house Research Ethics Committee – ADLQ IRB, has succeeded in getting official approval from the Supreme Council of Health and is now be available as a committee catering to the whole State of Qatar.